Get Involved

There are so many ways you can show your support for the cause and community. Not only does your involvement and support help to keep kratom legal or get legal, it equips the team to march in the places they need to be in order to make a stance for kratom and provide the facts and knowledge the people need so they can see how kratom saves lives and helps those with depression, pain, insomnia, fatigue, addictions and so much more.


Get involved & Join the team

Stay up to date on the things Kratom United is involved in. Join the Facebook group and meet other supporters and the community who fight and benefit from kratom. Associate with Kelly herself and her team, get information on marches or meetings, and get updates on states where kratom might be in jeopardy. 


Kratom United stands behind BEA and works with them on Capital Hill to fight for kratom. BEA put together facts and documentation in a book that has been handed out to government officers, doctors and more.

Make a Donation

In order to keep Kratom United in the frontlines, it requires the support of the community and those who support kratom and rely on its amazing benefits. It provides the means for Kelly Devine and her team to meet with senators, to provide them with BEA's book, and many more. At this time the accountant is holding our donations until our Non-Profit is approved (which will be soon!).