Pharma employee passes up Big Pharma for kratom tea! 


My name is Maryann Colucci and I am a 60 year old Biomedical Technician at a Biopharmaceutical Company.

 I have been standing all day for over 20 years, therefore developed problems with my knees and I also have shoulder issues that left me dependent on the painkiller, Tramadol. After 3 years of tramadol use I found that I was unable to stop using it, and a large part of the problem was that there is a little known fact about this medication, that is that there is an SSRI, an antidepressant, in this pill, it essentially leaves your brain dependent on the  pill. Without the tramadol I would feel depression to the point of having thoughts of no longer wanting to live! Trying to stop the pill was impossible, I would have physical  and emotional withdrawal symptoms that were unbearable! 

I finally became desperate enough to contact a rehab and detox center and made an appointment to detox from this pill. Before my scheduled check in date I called the center to ask some questions and I was told that they were going to put me on a high dose of suboxone to detox from the tramadol! Suboxone is usually given to powerful narcotic addicts like heroin and opiates! I declined the treatment and began to research at  home detox methods! It was then that I found about Kratom! 

It sounded too good to be true but I had nothing to lose but my life! I ordered some from a legitimate vendor, my questions about dosage for my purpose of use were answered and I was guided on what type of kratom plant was best for me! My order arrived in 5 days.. I took my last dose of tramadol that evening and the next morning took my first dose of kratom! I was waiting for the horrible withdrawals that ALWAYS came.. the intense restless leg syndrome, the severe depression and  lack of energy ( the hardest part of the detox when you have a job) and I waited for the joint pain to start back up! Instead, I felt rather energized, ZERO restless leg syndrome, I felt upbeat and happy ( as though I was still using the tramadol) and the most amazing part of all.. ZERO JOINT PAIN! 

It’s only been a month and I am continuing the suggested dosage and am still experiencing ZERO withdrawals and ZERO pain, even though I have very large Baker Cysts from joint damage! I have no doubt this miracle plant saved my life, my job, and will allow me to continue working until my planned retirement year! I also have no doubt that the suboxone they wanted to put me  on would have caused yet another, even worse, addiction! I am beginning to think that was really the intention.. to addict me to their money making drug instead of using a simple, safe tree leaf! I am so thankful that I was educated about the use of Kratom!