A Testimony by Andrea Pennington

My name is Andrea Pennington. 8 years ago my husband, Justin Pennington, was in a head on collision. While taking the FDA approved drug zolpidem aka Ambien, he was asleep, got into a car and drove two miles while asleep.

He woke up bloody and terrified and disoriented. His hip and iliac and ishium were ireprable. Aka shattered pelvis. He was put back together with pieces of hardware. Following a lengthy ICU stay and traction and a complete lack of follow up care, he was wheelchair bound and living on opiods and anxiolytic drugs. AGAIN FDA APPROVED DRUGS. His quality of life was poor. He lost his appetite, lost weight, suffers from PTSD, and became anti-social and ridden with anxiety.

And then he met me. After just a few months we were married. And we were madly in love. And then he fell. And his pain became unmanageable. His doctor increased his oxycontin, FDA approved, to 30 mg twice a day.

I did not recognize the man I married. He became someone else. Side effects on his PRESCRIBED dose: agitation followed by angry outbursts. Sweating profusely. Extreme puritic itch to the point of drawing blood. Difficulty swallowing. Difficulty urinating. Nodding off and somnolence. All of this without total relief from pain.

We have also tried several FDA approved antidepressants with much the same results.

Then, we were introduced to Kratom. After some experimenting with different strains, my husband has found a combination that not only helps with his pain, but also helps with his anxiety and PTSD.

If my husband would not be able to take this NATURAL remedy, that is not synthesized, altered, or man made; I truly believe he would not survive. Our children would lose a functional father; replaced by an angry, itchy disconnected mess.

Useing kratom has saved our marriage and our family.

Reminder: Ambien, the FDA approved sleep aid ruined my husbands life. FDA approved ativan and lortab and oxycodone and oxycontin and even delaudid caused him to withdraw from the world in a FDA approved drugged haze.


Andrea Pennington