We want to hear your story. Share your story with us and we will pick out a variety of stories to share with the public just how diverse our community is.

Please make your story 1,000 words or less, check grammar and spelling. No mention of vendors, signature blends or websites. 

Please include your name you'd like to appear on our site, your occupation and age. Any award or accomplishment. 

Our goal with this project is to show Kratom Consumers are getting involved in their community, paying taxes, being better parents and employee's. We are no longer suffering and are better able to contribute to society to truly make America great. All with the aide of kratom and any other herb or supplement. 

We ask a short reflection what life use to be before finding kratom to paint a picture how kratom has improved your quality of life in turn improving your world around you. 

Please include 3 photos to give a visual aide. Please email your story story to: contact@kratomunited.com 

If you wish to do a video testimony please limit video to 3 min or less. Send file so we can add to our youtube channel. Any video's over 10 min may be edited for content.