The Testimony of Corey Ciculya

My name is COREY CICULYA; I am a 46 yr old survivor with clinical PTSD. I unfortunately lost both my brothers to suicide; one when I was 15 yes old and my other a year this past March..I found him hanging in his room at 47..I suffered an abusive childhood; tragic losses..and currently I am caring for my aged/ailing/ mentally-ill parents-73&76. After struggling with a life-time of mental torment-I sought solice &survival through drug addiction&abuse. Nearly OD'd 3 times; was on life support for 6 days..and received my last-rights twice. 3 years ago..I came across KRATOM-something I knew NOTHING about..but tried it on occasion..with positive results. This past year..I began researching this DEVINE BOTANICAL-and quickly became an avid researcher. With the proper usage of this medicinal botanical- I broke free from decades of "Doctor-prescribed"- morphine/oxycodone/clonazepam/tamazapam/Belsomra and Ritalin ADDICTION...and with the help of GOD&KRATOM- I rapidly weaned myself off all these prescribed medications by myself; and have not looked back! 46..Never in my life have I ever been this happy; healthy or holy..I now KNOW what it means TO LIVE..not exist! I consider myself exceedingly BLESSED and KNOW that with GOD&KRATOM..I can finally begin to LIVE!! I now want to assist others to know the benefits of KRATOM- and advocate it legal availability to ALL. RESPECTFULLY- MR COREY CICULYA.

Corey Ciculya/

(Excuse any typos. Testimony from original consumer)