Red Relief - A Poem

I wake, I stretch, I hurt, and groan as I realize it will be a bad day again.

A day filled with I can’t and I have to once again,

I stumble to the kitchen to make the brew that will bring my soul back to life.

The pot grumbles and sighs, before spitting out my life’s blood,

as I grab my ever present accessory, a blue and black travel mug, to match my

soul stained body.

Cream, sugar, tea I can’t forget that.

Red is the color my soul of choice, pinch of white that I might.

Now add the coffee stir and spin.

As I stand there chugging my soul awakes,

My mind can’t imagine getting everything done,

Swirl the last bit drink that too.

Stumble Back to sit in bed,

limping and hurting the day just started.

I get lost in technology for a bit, my mind escapes,

I need this distraction as my soul awakes.

Hear the chorus from the next room, tiny birds as my twin loves calling my

out my name.

“Sigh” Time to get going.

As I trudge through the house, gathering things, along the way I realize.

I can do this! First thing today the hurt is now manageable, my soul awakes.

Finally I can see accomplishing … wanting … things …

instead of just having them.

As I smile I can enjoy these little birds,

I can imagine living life instead of surviving the day.

Because of Kratom

I have hope<3

~B R~